Sunday, 19 May 2013

Colour how I choose!!

I just wanted to talk about colour today and how I choose what colour to paint a piece. Sometimes a piece needs to be a certain colour for example some tables need to be pairs grey, or a big ornate mirror needs to be old white.
But the way I choose a colour for a piece after I've had a good look at it, I place it in my imaginary dream house, the kind we all aim to have "one day" so  I sit and imagine my self tootling around in my dream dream house and catching a glimpse of what ever I'm painting and then I choose the colour. 
For example the Provence drawers I finished last week, those have been in my mind for at least a year and in my dream house they would be in my hall and twice the size and with a huge mirror propped up against the wall. 

So I have no idea if this is the way other painters do it, but this is my way and when you get your new piece to paint try it and see what happens!! 

The other thing I wanted to talk quickly about is drawers and cupboards. Most of you probably know already that I always paint inside my drawer and cupboards. I think it's such a shame that the wood that we have tried so hard to cover up is left glaring at you when you open the drawer, the other thing I love doing is doing a real cheerful colour inside the drawers like Emperors silk, Provence, and Duck egg this makes such a difference to the finished piece it's lovely opening a drawer and getting a splash of colour as your putting things away and using the piece as it should be. 

There is a knack to painting drawers and I will another day go into to how I do that I don't want to bore you too much tonight. Go play and be brave you won't be disappointed. 


Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Chairs have to be my least favourite thing to do as there are so many angles and sides and they are well just a bit of a pain.

I've had a few chairs through my little garage lately and when they have been on the page I've had a few requests on how to paint them pretty, so I thought I would give you my chair painting tips. Please feel free to ask any questions you have I'm always happy to help in any way.

I've taken a few photos to Show the progress throughout

The chair 

First tip the chair upside down this makes everything easier, choose your colour and give it a first good coat have a good walk about and make sure you haven't missed any bits. Turn it back to the right way round and finish your first coat. 

Let it dry and drying time depends on lots of things if your painting outdoors it's faster especially when it's warm but make sure it's really dry before you go in with your 2nd coat. 

A tip I did really helpful is to have a little jug of water and when your doing the 2nd coat dip the end of your brush only slightly into the water and this helps the 2nd coat go on really smoothly. 

Let the paint dry out and then do your distressing. Annie recommends distressing after waxing but I prefer to distress before and then wax. Find whatever  youre comfortable with and just go with it, it is less messy if you use Annie's method as the wax stops the dust going everywhere. 

Waxing.... Don't be frightened of the wax and remember chairs are a pain and if your just learning try something easy so it doesn't put you off!! 

My waxing tips are keep your wax nice and warm and soft it's so much easier to work with. Layer it on, really go for it using a cloth or a stiff brush and then with a cloth take it of again wipe it away so your left with a layer and its not tacky or sticky. With chairs again wax upside down first and the tip it over and go over the bits you have missed and the back. Leave until the next day and then buff it like a crazy thing and you should have a lovely sheen.

It sounds like so much work but honestly once you get going its so satisfying to see your finished item it makes it all worth while and then seeing something that you have made pretty in your home is just lovely ❤❤❤

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Daisy Welsh

Nothing to do with paint at all and not sure why this has got a hold of me today but as most of you know my little girl Daisy was born at 2hrs into her 24th week of pregnancy. She was given odds of just 20% if she survived the labour and she did and come through. We were so lucky and its something that we think about every day.. but every now and again it really hits me how lucky we really are.

This morning she seen a photo of her self in her little incubator and said "that's me, but where is my mammy?" it hit me so hard in the stomach and I had no idea what to reply. We made the decision early on for her to be aware of her history so we have and will not hide it.. I replied I was sitting on the chair watching you grow.

What makes it more amazing is that I never thought she would be able to ask such a questions as due to a huge hearing loss she was all sign language communication up until August last year. She is such an amazing little girl and you really do believe anything is possible when you look at what she has been through.

Not sure why im all emotional about it, probably as she has been ill for the last couple of days and I cant rationalise when she is poorly I just see her as fragile as she was then. But I took a photo of her this afternoon and Im so proud of her I had to write it all down and share whats in my head today... Sorry its nothing todo with paint you will get nothing but paint tomorrow I promise haha <3

Here is Daisys video of photos from day one my dad says it will bring a tear to a glass eye so tissues out at the ready <3

Daisy today

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


This weekend the clocks went forward and with that comes plant pots bedding plants and the spring clean outside... last year I went a little crazy with lots of tins of Cuprinol Garden Shades, it did the job and there are lots of lovely colours available but I feel its very watery and needs lots of coats up to three in most cases.

Annie Sloan can be used outside too and after a good couple of coats and a couple of days to dry out its water proof and can be used on all sorts of things... in the last couple of days I have painted everything from plastic pots and containers, a mirror for my garden, a full sized old wheel barrow, some concrete steps and a childs 1950's table and chairs all of which will be holding plants from now on and all look very pretty in their new bright cheery colours. Photos will follow over the next couple of days.

I have also done 2013's first set of garden furniture which were a commission for one of my lovely clients.

In closing I have to say a new season brings even more admiration for the amazing Annie Sloan paint which is so versatile and so addictive <3

Get painting ladies and if you haven't got the time bring them here and I will paint them xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Very first Blog

Well this is something that Ive wanted to do for ages and finally got round to getting it all sorted. So if you want to read about my favourite things, mainly my children, painting, coffee, food a little bit of Chanel and even all of them at once. Then this is where you will find my ranting's and ravings cant promise that it will be anything fabulous but will only write about things that I am passionate about.

If you would like me to doo something on something specific then please just ask and I will try to assist and hopefully all you budding painters out there will be able to get a couple of tips to help you further your own painting addiction... whats not to love about that <3