Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Daisy Welsh

Nothing to do with paint at all and not sure why this has got a hold of me today but as most of you know my little girl Daisy was born at 2hrs into her 24th week of pregnancy. She was given odds of just 20% if she survived the labour and she did and come through. We were so lucky and its something that we think about every day.. but every now and again it really hits me how lucky we really are.

This morning she seen a photo of her self in her little incubator and said "that's me, but where is my mammy?" it hit me so hard in the stomach and I had no idea what to reply. We made the decision early on for her to be aware of her history so we have and will not hide it.. I replied I was sitting on the chair watching you grow.

What makes it more amazing is that I never thought she would be able to ask such a questions as due to a huge hearing loss she was all sign language communication up until August last year. She is such an amazing little girl and you really do believe anything is possible when you look at what she has been through.

Not sure why im all emotional about it, probably as she has been ill for the last couple of days and I cant rationalise when she is poorly I just see her as fragile as she was then. But I took a photo of her this afternoon and Im so proud of her I had to write it all down and share whats in my head today... Sorry its nothing todo with paint you will get nothing but paint tomorrow I promise haha <3

Here is Daisys video of photos from day one my dad says it will bring a tear to a glass eye so tissues out at the ready <3

Daisy today


  1. Layla, Thank you for sharing Daisy's story - your dad was right, it definitely brings a tear to the eye! What you have is a little miracle who obviously has your tenacity and strength to pull through and with all the love and affection she sees and feels on a daily basis will have given her the determination to talk. Congratulations to the both of you as God only bestows this special gifts to special people. Much love to you all, Jane, Cramlington xx