Sunday, 19 May 2013

Colour how I choose!!

I just wanted to talk about colour today and how I choose what colour to paint a piece. Sometimes a piece needs to be a certain colour for example some tables need to be pairs grey, or a big ornate mirror needs to be old white.
But the way I choose a colour for a piece after I've had a good look at it, I place it in my imaginary dream house, the kind we all aim to have "one day" so  I sit and imagine my self tootling around in my dream dream house and catching a glimpse of what ever I'm painting and then I choose the colour. 
For example the Provence drawers I finished last week, those have been in my mind for at least a year and in my dream house they would be in my hall and twice the size and with a huge mirror propped up against the wall. 

So I have no idea if this is the way other painters do it, but this is my way and when you get your new piece to paint try it and see what happens!! 

The other thing I wanted to talk quickly about is drawers and cupboards. Most of you probably know already that I always paint inside my drawer and cupboards. I think it's such a shame that the wood that we have tried so hard to cover up is left glaring at you when you open the drawer, the other thing I love doing is doing a real cheerful colour inside the drawers like Emperors silk, Provence, and Duck egg this makes such a difference to the finished piece it's lovely opening a drawer and getting a splash of colour as your putting things away and using the piece as it should be. 

There is a knack to painting drawers and I will another day go into to how I do that I don't want to bore you too much tonight. Go play and be brave you won't be disappointed. 



  1. Welcome to the blog world Layla... Like your paint
    choice... You can't beat Annie Sloan chalk paint can you? So rewarding transforming the dull to downright gorgeous.
    From sunny Northumberland too,
    Julie x