Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Chairs have to be my least favourite thing to do as there are so many angles and sides and they are well just a bit of a pain.

I've had a few chairs through my little garage lately and when they have been on the page I've had a few requests on how to paint them pretty, so I thought I would give you my chair painting tips. Please feel free to ask any questions you have I'm always happy to help in any way.

I've taken a few photos to Show the progress throughout

The chair 

First tip the chair upside down this makes everything easier, choose your colour and give it a first good coat have a good walk about and make sure you haven't missed any bits. Turn it back to the right way round and finish your first coat. 

Let it dry and drying time depends on lots of things if your painting outdoors it's faster especially when it's warm but make sure it's really dry before you go in with your 2nd coat. 

A tip I did really helpful is to have a little jug of water and when your doing the 2nd coat dip the end of your brush only slightly into the water and this helps the 2nd coat go on really smoothly. 

Let the paint dry out and then do your distressing. Annie recommends distressing after waxing but I prefer to distress before and then wax. Find whatever  youre comfortable with and just go with it, it is less messy if you use Annie's method as the wax stops the dust going everywhere. 

Waxing.... Don't be frightened of the wax and remember chairs are a pain and if your just learning try something easy so it doesn't put you off!! 

My waxing tips are keep your wax nice and warm and soft it's so much easier to work with. Layer it on, really go for it using a cloth or a stiff brush and then with a cloth take it of again wipe it away so your left with a layer and its not tacky or sticky. With chairs again wax upside down first and the tip it over and go over the bits you have missed and the back. Leave until the next day and then buff it like a crazy thing and you should have a lovely sheen.

It sounds like so much work but honestly once you get going its so satisfying to see your finished item it makes it all worth while and then seeing something that you have made pretty in your home is just lovely ❤❤❤


  1. Can i ask what paint and wax do you use and where do you buy it??
    Cheers and thanks for the blog!

  2. Hiya sorry for the delay just seen this, I always use Annie Sloan waxes they are the easiest to work with and you get a lovely shine when buffed up. You can find your local stockist online on Annies Website or you can use a online supplier I use Vintage Dovetails and they do a next day service and are very reliable xx