Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Very first Blog

Well this is something that Ive wanted to do for ages and finally got round to getting it all sorted. So if you want to read about my favourite things, mainly my children, painting, coffee, food a little bit of Chanel and even all of them at once. Then this is where you will find my ranting's and ravings cant promise that it will be anything fabulous but will only write about things that I am passionate about.

If you would like me to doo something on something specific then please just ask and I will try to assist and hopefully all you budding painters out there will be able to get a couple of tips to help you further your own painting addiction... whats not to love about that <3



  1. Hi Layla. Really interested in shabby chic and have done a few pieces in the past. Really enjoyed reading your first entry and look forward to reading many more.