About Us

Im Layla living in Northumberland, wife to Gareth my supportive husband whom has supported me throughout and mother to my two amazing children both born too early. My daughter was born in 2009 at 24 weeks into my pregnancy 4 months early weighing 1lb 7oz a true miracle in every sense of the word. My son born the following year hung in there a little longer and was born at 31 wks weighing 4lb 10oz. Over the past few years we have had some huge highs and lows and have overcome so much, but my children have always been a true inspiration to us. After leaving my employment following the birth of my daughter it was in 2012 I felt it was time to do something for Layla again and through my love of painted furniture and shabby chic style French Grey Tales was born in my kitchen whilst juggling two toddlers and many a hospital appointment. I now have a busy Facebook page and a workshop where I escape the chaos of the children, Labrador and husband, pure bliss!!  


  1. I think what you do is wonderful and I just love your blog. That is why I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Take a look at why I think you should be nominated at http://littlebrownharevintage.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/its-liebster-time/

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